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Going Live With Our Clients NJG Purchasing Services

For us at +24, there’s nothing we love more than delivering great work for our clients. It’s been a busy start to the month for us with the launch of a number of new websites, one of those being for NJG Purchasing Services.

We have been working with NJG for a number of years and earlier this year we recognised that it was time to refresh their online presence. They understand the importance of progression and innovation. Technology has developed rapidly since the launch of their previous website with changing browsing habits, primarily the increasing use of mobile devices to browse the internet.

The new website was designed with user experience in mind, making it easier to navigate on all devices. There is also more focus on the wide range of useful information and advice provided in the form of blog posts and downloadable ebooks. It was important to represent the scale and quality of service that NJG provide, ensuring that the new website design appeals to their potential clients.
The website launch was coordinated with the unveiling of NJG’s latest service – a collective buying group for SMEs. The objective of this is to offer additional savings to a diverse range of businesses by negotiating contracts as a group rather than on an individual basis.

If you feel your business could benefit from a new website development then please get in touch. We’ll review your current website for free and recommend how you can bring your online presence up-to-date.