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Game of Social

Game of Social: How Does Social Media Compare to Game of Thrones?

If there are two things we can’t live without these days, it’s social media and Game of Thrones. So, in an obvious attempt to capitalise on the popularity of both, we’ve combined them to create a classic “How Does Social Media Compare to Game of Thrones?”

As in Game of Thrones, there is a constant battle to claim the Iron Throne and be the dominant force and we think there are some strong comparisons to be drawn with social media.

How do the houses of Game of Thrones match up with the most popular social networks? Worry not, we’ve done the thinking for you!

Facebook – Hear Me Roar!

Starting with Facebook, the ruler of all social networks. Currently sat upon the Iron Throne with around 1.65 billion monthly active users, Facebook will do anything to stay at the top and is not afraid to dig deep into its huge pots of money to buy off the competition.

Facebook is, of course, House Lannister. Like Facebook, the Lannisters feed off power, are incredibly wealthy and will take on any and all competition to prove they are the true powers in the online version of Westeros.

Twitter – Winter Is Coming

So, if the Lannisters are Facebook then who is Twitter? Easy. Twitter is House Stark.

Rivals with Facebook, Twitter never seems to give up. Just like the Starks, Twitter will be around for a while yet, it has too many users to just vanish completely, and the Starks have too many children. They just won’t give up. Although they look weak at times, their history will protect them for now.

Instagram – Knowledge Is Power

Instagram started as a couple of guys trying to make a photo sharing platform before cleverly positioning themselves with bigger, stronger platforms and becoming a dominant player.

This sounds very similar to the Wiley Petyr Baelish. The Baelish house has been reduced to just poor Petyr but he has managed to leverage both House Lannister and now House Arryn to establish himself as a key player in the Game of Thrones story, just as Instagram did with Twitter before being bought out by Facebook. Only time will tell how Baelish’s story will develop.

LinkedIn – We Do Not Sow

LinkedIn, a well-established platform with a long tradition that hasn’t quite taken over but still has visions of grandeur. Therefore, LinkedIn can be seen as House Greyjoy.

Often speaking of total domination, and with subjects that are loyal to them to the end, the Greyjoy’s are the perfect comparison to LinkedIn. Whilst its user base is comparatively small, it holds a key niche that other platforms cannot break into. Many people love LinkedIn, much like the Greyjoys and to be honest they still have a huge part to play in the Game of Social.

Now build me my ships.

Google+ – Ours Is The Fury

Google+, once king, now just a memory.

Just like House Baratheon, they bet on a charismatic leader with a flawed vision. Both were major players for a while but quickly faded when people realised they were only popular because of their leader. Robert was gored by a bore, Renly was topped by a ghost, and then Stannis was finally slayed outside Winterfell.

Google+ was soaring to the top with its ability to leverage all of Google’s users, with murmurings of it challenging Facebook. This didn’t last long, however, failing to gain real traction as a social network as its competitors continued to grow. Google+ was that social network that people heard about, joined, but then lost faith in. Exactly like House Baratheon, people heard about them, gave them a chance and invested in them but soon switched allegiances once they fell into decline.

Snapchat – Fire and Blood

Snapchat is straight FIRE. The popular platform amongst Gen Z’ers and a quickly rising force in the land of social media. I think you can guess which House we’re talking about, of course, Snapchat is House Targaryen!

The support continues to grow for the Targaryens. They are the most likely rivals to House Lannister and the Lannister’s don’t even know it yet. Sources suggest that Snapchat is outpacing Twitter in terms of daily active users, with an average of 150 million users every day. It’s some time off but Snapchat and Facebook could be in line for a huge showdown over the coming years, just as we’ve all been waiting for from Daenerys and the Lannisters.

Vine – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Remember how cool and sexy Vine was when it first launched? Different, vibrant, full of talent and entertainment. Sounds a lot like Oberyn Martell!

Oberyn quickly became a fan favourite during his short run with his quick wit and charm, as well as his determination to take on The Mountain. Unfortunately, Oberyn suffered a similar fate to Vine as they were both crushed from existence.

Whilst Vine and Oberyn may have perished, there are still those who came out on top. Vine led to the emergence of Jerome Jarre, King Bach, and Jessi Smiles who have gone on to bigger and better things, just like the Sand Snakes who have sworn vengeance on the Lannisters.

Pinterest – Growing Strong

Pinterest is quietly going about its business, building its user base and growing in influence. Who does that sound like? That’s right, Pinterest is House Tyrell. The house that seems to get everything they want.

Pinterest is more powerful than people think. It’s a huge driver of web traffic, second only to Facebook out of all social networks. They prefer to see themselves as a search and discovery platform, rather than a social network. Although they are unlikely to worry Google anytime soon, they are certainly very influential in the Game of Social.

YouTube – I am the Sword in the Darkness

YouTube, the social network that all other social networks rely on; just like everyone relies on Castle Black. The importance of video continues to grow which is why other social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn acknowledge the importance of YouTube and incorporate the video player into their newsfeeds.

Although The Wall isn’t a House, we can see the similarities with YouTube. Both have good looking Lord Commanders, Jon Snow and PewDiePie will rule until their watch has ended. More importantly, the Seven Kingdoms wouldn’t survive without the protection of The Wall, much like social media would struggle to survive without YouTube’s videos. With more than 2 billion views a day, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world!

How will the story end?

We know there is only one thing that can stop this Game of Social, that one thing we all fear… a dodgy internet connection. Also known as the White Walkers.

Now, these are just our comparisons and like Jon Snow, we may know nothing so we want you to tweet us @Plus24Marketing and tell us how you think social media and Game of Thrones matchup and who will win this long Game of Social.