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Friday Fizz Returns

After mass public outcry, piles of letters to our office demanding its return and a social media campaign set on reviving everyone’s favourite online show, we are ecstatic to announce… Friday Fizz is coming back!

Not only is Fizz returning, but we’re coming back bigger and better than ever, with the help of a sponsor.

We’re looking to collaborate with a company on the new season of Friday Fizz, who are as disruptive, fun and fearless as +24. Our sponsor will get their company featured in every episode of Friday Fizz, we’ll film a new intro and outro with their logo, their name will be on every Fizz tweet that we share, plus they will be mentioned in all the episode descriptions and any related copy. We will also mention them at the start of every show and their logo will appear twice during the show. Not only this, but add-ons, such as filming on location at our sponsor’s premises for our introduction can be purchased.

Friday Fizz garners thousands of views per episode, meaning our sponsor will receive great coverage and will also carve out their place in internet history as the first ever sponsor of Friday Fizz.

Are you our perfect match? Do you want to reach thousands of people and collaborate with an innovative digital business based in #BrilliantBurnley? Contact us via email today ( or call us on 01282 792568 to discuss it in more detail.