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Four Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram Stories, Today!

Instagram Stories are a great tool for businesses of all sizes to reach a wide audience on an informal basis.

For a long time, many people saw Instagram as nothing more than a time-waster for egotistical teens; however, these days Instagram’s audience is far more diversified.

And the implementation of Stories, a temporary image-based sharing feature, allows businesses to create content quickly and easily.

So here are 4 reasons for you start creating Instagram Stories today:

1. It’s cheap

Which is always nice.

You have full control on the amount of time and money invested into your story.

A story can be a simple documentation of your day to day activities or something fancier, the choice is yours.

2. Constant touches

Whilst a Story might not be the right hook that converts a lead into new business, it allows you to constantly be in front of your audience.

It can take 10+ ‘touches’ for a potential client to be converted, Instagram Stories can help achieve this.

3. It’s non-invasive

Unlike pre and mid-roll ads, you’re not interrupting what your audience is doing, they’re choosing to watch Stories and yours. If they don’t want to watch your Story then they can simply skip it.

This means you don’t create any negative connotations with your brand by forcing your content upon people.

And if your content is good enough, people will consume it.

4. Reach a new audience

A feature that Instagram has brought in that is a brilliant move for businesses, especially SME’s, are specific Stories for locations and hashtags.

This means that some content posted with a specific location or hashtag attached will be added to a separate story for that tag.
This means that your content could reach people that have never seen your brand before, potentially giving you that important first ‘touch’.

If you’d like to see how we use Instagram Stories for our business then follow us on @Plus24Marketing, or if you’d like any more advice on marketing your business on social media then call us on 01282 792568.