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Facebook Looking To Integrate Facial Recognition Into Security

Since the launch of the iPhone X, more and more businesses have been exploring the use of facial recognition.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Apple’s latest flagship device, the iPhone X, can be unlocked by simply looking at the screen.

Now the latest tech company to jump on this bandwagon is the social media powerhouse, Facebook.

Facial Recognition

Facebook is testing a system that will verify users who are locked out of their accounts.

The feature is designed as an alternative to the text or email verification tools used to reset passwords.

It is currently being trialed on a ‘small number’ of users.

Facebook will take a scan of a user’s face, and compare the image to photos and videos on the site.

If the images match then the account could be unlocked, or Facebook may use it as another part of a two-step authentication process – alongside texting a code to a phone number, for example.

This doesn’t appear to be Facebook’s only plan to use facial recognition.


Last year, Facebook purchased FacioMetrics, a facial recognition software firm, in a push to integrate the technology into the platform.

The rumour is that by scanning the faces of millions of users around the world, the software could measure reactions to develop gesture-based controls, such as smiling for a like.

However, Facebook has already used the technology for the ‘filters’ seen on Facebook and Instagram Stories.

‘How people share and communicate is changing and things like masks and other effects allow people to express themselves in fun and creative ways,’ a Facebook spokesperson said.

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