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Facebook Copies ANOTHER Feature From a Competitor

Once again, Facebook is going after a competitor.

This time it’s LinkedIn.

Facebook has been trying to push into the professional space for some time and is now reportedly testing a CV upload feature.

THE Social Network

There has been no confirmation of this yet, but the move would be par for the course with Facebook.

The brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg has aggressively to become THE social network, not just A social network.

The sticking point that Facebook will need to address when going after the recruitment sector is that users simply don’t understand the privacy settings.

Whilst our LinkedIn profiles are well dressed and professional, I think we all have things on our Facebook that we would rather potential employers don’t find.

However, there is money in the sector.

$26.2 Billion

Microsoft’s $26.2bn purchase of Linkedin shows that there is money to be made – although they have been slowly making the platform more accessible.

Whether or not Facebook go after LinkedIn wholeheartedly, or simply poach features here and there to complement their already existing service will have to be seen.

Either way, I’m sure they’ll be just fine.

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