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Facebook Adds Video Chat Device To Hardware Revolution

Though Facebook’s focus has forever been software; the social network has been extending its reach into hardware more and more.

Recently it was announced that Facebook is looking into creating a smart speaker, much like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

And now, Facebook is reportedly working on a laptop-sized touchscreen device capable of connecting individuals in a room over video chat.

Bringing People Together
The device is currently in the testing phase and is designed to make distanced users feel like they’re in the same room together.

Reportedly using Android for its video chat device, it also utilises its own artificial intelligence system to help identify and zoom in on relevant objects mid-chat like faces, pictures or text.

It will be interesting to see if this device is a pit stop before being integrated into Facebook’s VR device, Oculus Rift.

Nothing has yet been confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg but it’s possible we may learn more about Facebook’s hardware plans when its next F8 developer conference kicks off early in 2018.

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