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Why Every Business Needs A Brand Identity

Every business needs a brand identity. Whether you’re the local, small-time coffee shop or a multinational corporation.

When +24 says that brand identity is “the beating heart of your business“, we mean it. Your identity keeps your business and its relevance alive and allows you to grow. A strong brand identity makes a strong business.


“It’s about the ‘Why?’ – It’s easy to tell people what you do, but it’s important to tell them why you do it.” 

A brand identity tells the world your story. It’s through this story and this declaration of what motivates you that you will be able to make a connection with your audience. Connection with your target audience and the wider world in general makes you stand out and not only reach the kinds of people you want to connect with, but meet them in larger quantities. When you have a good story, people will want to share it. 

Creating a brand identity helps in streamlining everything marketing related, as it sets out the parameters of what your company is about and how it wants to be represented. This means that creating a cohesive link between content and marketing strategy is a seamless process with little room for error.  


“Brand identity is effectively how you communicate with your customers.”

Your brand identity is both the face and the voice of your business. It must speak for you in a way that represents you how you want to be represented and it must have a cohesive “face” to match, which is made up of content and visual aspects such as photography, graphics and video. The former will inform how you speak to customers on all levels, not just in a customer service context, where the later effects what your business looks like from the outside to those unfamiliar with you. People come for the face of your business, but stay for the voice. Brand identity must balance these aspects of communication carefully.

Making sure your brand identity is strong enough for your customers to recognise it is important. Customers should know where they stand with your company based on your brand identity and while surprising them with new marketing techniques and campaigns is encouraged, being inconsistent or unrecognisable (unless if you’re undergoing a re-brand) is not advisable. Consistency, cohesion and s clear, distinctive identity are key.


“If you want the world to know who you are, then you have to show them, otherwise they’ll forget you.” 

Not only is brand identity important for a business to have so that they stand out, they need to stand out enough to be memorable. One of the main aims in developing a brand identity is to become the first company someone thinks of when they need whatever product or service you offer.

There are many reasons why every business needs a brand identity, but our top reasons, revised, are:

  • Stand out from competitors
  • Attract your target audience
  • Be memorable
  • Have a good basis/guidelines for marketing strategies
  • Communicate well with consumers
  • Tell your story the way you want to 


Get in touch with us today via our contact page or social media to find out how we can build you a brand identity to take your business to the next level. 

Quotes via +24’s Head of Social, Sam Keenan.