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Benefits of Employing a Digital Apprentice

The prevalence of social media and technology in our everyday lives is only growing. While many fear that the inclusion of technology into our day-to-day existence is akin to a digital dependence, a digital society presents many amazing opportunities for us, not least in the areas of marketing and customer engagement. It’s this technologically-connected society that means that businesses need to step up their social media and digital marketing game, so to speak. One brilliant way that they can do this while also helping young people develop the skills they need to enter a career they’re passionate about, is by employing a digital apprentice.

Project Digital is a disruptive and decisive training programme aimed at providing to apprentices the training they need, delivered by industry professionals, to help businesses keep up with the digital world and become part of the digital revolution. Developed in partnership with +24 Marketing, a Burnley-based digital agency, and the OfSTED Outstanding Burnley College.

1 Generate Social Content to Engage Clients

This generation of apprentices are digital natives, having grown up in a world more gradually immersed in the online world, developing an understanding of digital culture from their own first-hand experience. It’s this experience that allows them to provide a unique perspective and understanding of what works well on social media and in digital marketing, and what does not work. This perspective applied helps them to plan and create genuinely interesting content that will engage clients and make the business they work for – your business – stand out from competitors.

2 Stay Current and Relevant

Current apprentices entering the workforce (which is predicted to be majority-millennial by 2020) are of Generation Z, also referred to as “iGeneration” due to their digital native status. As part of a generation that are among the largest consumers of online content, Generation Z apprentices understand what is current. This understanding, paired with their digital training, will equip them with the skills and knowledge to suggest ways in which a company’s digital marketing can remain relevant, current and engaging.

3 Improve Search Engine Ranking

A staple of digital apprenticeships is learning about search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media optimisation (SMO). Both SEO and SMO are systems of improving a company’s ranking when searched for through a search engine or on a social media platform, by utilising keywords and improving the quality of your online content. The search ranking of a website or social media account is important, as the closer to the top of the results a business appears in either of these instances, the more likely the person searching for a business or service like yours is to click on the website or profile, increasing the business’ awareness and creating more potential clients or customers.

4 Receive Cutting Edge Training

Project Digital is a digital training programme like no other. Not only is the programme committed to helping apprentices become fully prepared and skilled for a career in the digital sector, the course is constructed and delivered with the help of industry professionals who are experts in their field. Many from other local, Lancashire-based businesses, these experts and their insight will shape and cultivate the skills of Project Digital’s apprentices, allowing them to receive the highest quality of training while providing the businesses that employ them access to future digital professionals.

5 Raise Brand Awareness

With a dedicated digital apprentice, a business will have the resources and knowledge to build their brand awareness through social media and digital marketing. Not only this, but with a member of the team whose role is focused on promoting the business online, the company’s brand becoming outdated, product placement unsuccessful or digital marketing approach ineffective, is far less likely.

To get in touch with Project Digital, visit the Employer section of their website if you are an employer, or the Apprentice section if you are a young person looking to take part in Project Digital’s training. If you have any questions about digital marketing or web development, get in touch with us here at +24 via our contact page.

This blog was written in collaboration with +24’s Chief Education Officer, Ben Whitaker