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Is Email Marketing Dead?

Around three quarters of 689 company respondents to Econsultancy’s 2017 Email Marketing Census rated email marketing as “excellent” or “good” for ROI (return on investment). If nothing else, this proves that email marketing certainly isn’t dead – but it has changed.

“While social media is a brilliant tool for brand awareness, email marketing allows you to reach your audience in a more direct manner.”

At times, it can admittedly feel as though the internet is something of a ‘shouting factory’. While there is no argument for substituting social media marketing for email marketing due to this, there is an argument for making your email marketing as cohesive and valuable as your social media presence. The use of social media and email marketing together is a key tactic that has been especially useful for businesses who target the public, such as those in the retail sector.

Many businesses still successfully rely on email marketing to drive web traffic, create interest, advertise sales or offers and keep their customers engaged.

“Audiences are intelligent. It’s not enough to use email marketing, it needs to be done well.”

With the rise of social media, smart devices and advances in technology, audiences expect marketing material to be slick, connected and mobile optimised. This means that email marketing messages should be well designed, including good quality images, links, clear titling and subject lines, a call to action and work well on any number of devices.

“Although many of us saw GDPR as a threat to email marketing, it has now allowed us to create an audience that is genuinely interested in your product or service, maximising the chance of an interest or purchase being committed to.”

GDPR was pushed by many as the end of email marketing, but instead, it has allowed consumers to cut through the countless emails they receive in order to see the emails they are interested in. The opportunity this has allowed marketers is so incredible, as it means their emails – your emails – are being seen by an audience more likely to open the email and complete the call(s) to action contained within.

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Quotes via +24’s Account Executive, Elly Fox Littler