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Eat Sleep Business: The Digital Skills Gap

What is the Digital Skills Gap?

The digital landscape is growing, but it’s growing quicker than most can keep up with. The UK’s need for digital skills is struggling to keep up with it. Tech companies in the UK are struggling to find those who are equipped with the ability to keep up. 

The UK education system is currently under-preparing students for the future. Churning out under-skilled leavers with some abilities but not quite enough to be fully qualified for the workplace. This leaves many young people ill prepared for the world of work. But what can we do to help these young people bridge the gap? 

Many argue that purely because young people have grown up in a digital landscape that they’re fully adapted and ready for it. based on the fact they’re efficient at online shopping or how to use hashtags on instagram. But these are the basics of what’s on offer, we need further in depth training for these young people. 

It can be a little intimidating for young people. There’s a lot on offer to help, from Waves free online courses and YouTube tutorials to the more in depth courses. To more traditional courses such as apprenticeships, A levels and even degrees. 


A commitment to change.

We’ve seen big commitments from large tech companies to help aid young people in a bid to close the gap. Most recently we have seen Google offer 100,000 scholarships to young people. The course covers a lot from data analytics to UX design. 

These are great steps and we’ve seen some fantastic steps taken by the UK government to also try to bridge this gap. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for young people to learn. Not only do they receive the theoretical knowledge around the digital landscape and digital marketing, but the practical aspect of being in the office and surrounded by working professionals can really help. 

Now with T levels on the horizon too being introduced by the UK government. T levels offer a unique approach to education almost hybridising A levels and apprenticeships. Offering young people more classroom time and then having long extensive stints of placements, trying to offer the best of both worlds. 


What are +24 doing about the skills gap?

As I’m sure most of you know +24 have been working tirelessly with young people to try and help young people grow and learn. In the past we’ve worked closely with Project Digital and Themis. We’re now thrilled to announce that we’ve launched our own academy for passing on our skills. 

We have one of the best tools available. Our staff. We have a team of dedicated professional staff. Leaders in their respective fields are willing to pass on and teach to the young people who grace our course. 

We cover everything from URL to IRL. That includes general businesses and marketing, hierarchy and leadership and management. To graphic design, and the basics of coding. We try to cover as much as possible. It’s a very extensive course that really helps our students get a leg up on the competition. 

Watch this space for more information on the +24 Academy. 


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