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Eat Sleep Business: Podcast ‘Don’t believe everything you read on LinkedIn!’

LinkedIn is touted as the social media for business professionals. Which sounds fantastic – a go-to hub where you can meet other professional business people. Create virtual networks, form business relationships and it can be a fantastic tool for growing your business.

During the lockdown, LinkedIn has seen a huge growth. In both the number of users signing up, but also in the number of active users. But the problem LinkedIn is facing right now is that it’s full of hype men. Every time I log in I’m greeted by a salesman who is thriving in the COVID lockdown.

Which fair enough, can be the case, but sometimes it’s about the presentation of the news. They can spin that small win into the headline of the year. It can become really difficult to navigate LinkedIn. Especially when you’re not doing too great yourself, and you’re here to try to drum up some business. (for tips on this check out Episode 4 of our podcast – Eat Sleep Business, available on Spotify and YouTube).

LinkedIn can be a little unforgiving at times. But don’t believe the hype. Nobody really has any answers right now. There’s a lot of noise about the future of business and the future of the industry. I wouldn’t get too invested in these ideas there’s no real gravitas to any of these.

I encourage you to do some further reading and to do your own research, when it comes to the bold claims that can be thrown across LinkedIn. Often at times, people are trying to generate content and likes and they know that topical content is the way to go. But honestly, it’s good to get into the habit of doing your own research. If something doesn’t sit right with you on social media or sound right I implore you to look beyond the post. Sometimes it can be a snippet taken out of context or something used to fit a certain narrative.

Anyone putting out there that they’re thriving in this current climate. Good for them. But do yourself a favour and don’t compare your business to theirs. Keep focused on your business and make sure you don’t drop the ball while looking at others.

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