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Eat Sleep Business: Podcast ‘3 ways you can streamline your business’

Here at +24 we’ve launched a podcast, available on Spotify – subscribe now, it’s called Eat Sleep Business!

We’ll be bringing you regular highlights from the great advice offered out by Dave and Sam. Here’s a recent snippet:

At +24 we get it, We understand that your business can sometimes be a bit chaotic. Things don’t always happen the way they should, you end up losing time on projects and that can get frustrating and lead to bad business. 

We’ve got some top tips on how you can get back to smooth sailing and get your business firing on all cylinders again.

Automation doesn’t mean firing all your staff and replacing them with robots. Well not yet anyway.

One thing that happens a lot in businesses is often things can fall through the cracks. We’ve all jotted things down on bits of paper or post-stick notes, this leads to things getting sloppy. or worse entirely missed. 

Using a piece of software like a CRM can really benefit you and your company. CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” A company’s CRM stores all of its interactions with potential and existing customers. It helps you as a business look at and monitor every step of your client journey. Meaning nothing gets lost or forgotten. There’s nothing worse than having a client remind you of something. 

A CRM allows your whole team to have access and can post things from contact information from a networking event. Right the way through to the deal and into the pipeline. It really helps keep things well organised and flowing much better. 

Another great feature of CRM is being able to track and monitor your staff. This is especially helpful when it comes to sales staff. We can see how many sales they’re making and how many leads they’re generating at the press of a button. 

As well as having helpful features, like prompts messages for deadlines or if they don’t receive a response they can escalate it to you for you to deal with. 

If you’re looking for a CRM system we recommend checking out Hubspot CRM. Not only is it free but it comes with a wealth of support from Hubspot

Saving time.

This seems like such a simple one, but it’s tricky. The idea behind it is sometimes you end up doing things that could be so much easier in the long run. Analyse your day. Analyse what tasks you’re doing a day. Is this the best and most importantly is it the most efficient way to do your task. 

Sometimes it’s better to spend a little extra time and save repeating the same task further down the road. I think that lockdown has really shown us that we can be working much more effectively with our time. A big one for us at +24 is how much travel we’ve been doing. Since the lockdown, we have stopped travelling to our clients. That’s really showed us what a huge timesaver this has been for us. It’s made our 8 hour work day exactly that rather than 4 or 5 with travel time.

The hard part is trying to identify those spaces in yours and your teams process. A good way to do this is with routine reviews. Who else knows how to be more effective and efficient in their job than the person doing it. Create a dialogue about their workflow and I’m sure you’ll be able to improve upon it.

Project management software.

When it comes to streamlining your business. It can seem very software heavy but these tools are designed to make your job so much easier. Minimal input maximum output. 

You’re managing anyone or any project the last thing you need to be doing is chasing them constantly. We get it, things happen the office environment. It can move pretty fast, new jobs come in, some tasks are more urgent than others. It can get a little chaotic sometimes. So why not try to alleviate some of that chaos. 

Project management software allows you to quickly see who and where everyone is. It allows people working on projects to see their tasks and jobs. It eliminates the need for you to be behind them prompting them about this job or that job. It allows you to attach a brief and any documents that they may need so it’s all in one place. It cuts down on the need to be faffing around looking for bits and pieces of information. It’s clear it’s concise. 

It’s great for large and small tasks. For small tasks you can nip in and tick off multiple things at once. Ensuring all those little bitty jobs are done and none fall through the cracks. 

Whereas for large tasks it allows you to track every stage of the task. From the inception right through to delivery. This is great for you as it allows you to see exactly where the project is in relation to the agreed-upon timeframe. We’re fans of Asana at +24.


If you enjoyed this, do check out the weekly podcast. Find out more about +24 here!