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Why Digital Education is Important to +24

Burnley’s digital sector is thriving, with the town being highlighted as one of the UK’s top ‘tech towns’ in 2018 by the Financial Times and also being voted the 2nd most successful town in the United Kingdom for digital jobs growth back in 2016.

As a business based in Burnley, this track record is encouraging. But, as a business comprised of people local to the Burnley area, this record makes us genuinely proud. This town pride is what drives us to do more and support those looking to get involved in the digital sector locally. We want to see Burnley’s digital sector grow further, creating more job and learning opportunities here – and we know Burnley is capable of seeing this growth.

Burnley has the businesses and potential to create these opportunities, which would see digital students and workers remaining within the area. This would boost the local economy and make finding jobs and courses easier for local digital and tech sector workers and students, meaning they can avoid the hassle of travelling further afield while helping Burnley’s standing as a digital destination grow, bringing in external interest.

As a Burnley bondholder involved with Burnley FC in the Community and ties to other local causes, such as Pendleside (whom we helped launch their 2017 and 2018 Colour Dash event campaigns, and also whom our Managing Director, Dave Walker, is a committee member of) we are truly interested in seeing Burnley flourish. From collaborating with AMS Neve to bring The Landmark to Burnley, to being the driving force behind creating apprenticeship programme Project Digital with Themis, Burnley’s success is a huge motivator to +24 as we aim to Make A Difference wherever we can, starting with on our doorstep.

Burnley has always been a quiet innovator in many sectors, from engineering and aerospace to tech and now digital. Our list of bondholders includes well-known companies from BooHoo and Oddies to Warburtons, award-winning industry specialists such as AMS Neve, and more local organisations, like Burnley College and JayCare. +24 and other digital businesses are also members of this diverse and illustrious list, all members of which are dedicated to helping Burnley reach the digital potential we know it can achieve.


If you’re interested in working with a Burnley company passionate about helping other local businesses, you can get in touch with us via our contact page. If you’re interested in getting involved in any of the local projects mentioned, you can find out more on the Project Digital and The Landmark websites.