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COVID-19 Update from +24

First and foremost the protection of our team is of paramount importance. I took the call to move my staff to a home working environment well before the government made this an obligation. We have also cancelled all work travel arrangements and no longer have face to face meetings until it is advised it’s safe to do so from the government.

We have taken this pandemic seriously from the outset and have taken every step to ensure the safety of our staff, our suppliers and our clients. We also understand the challenge that everyone is facing at the moment and how difficult it can be during lock-down. We therefore are doing everything we can to maintain team spirits and excellent relations with our clients.

This early move to home working protected the health and wellbeing of my team but also allowed us to focus on providing our vital continuous support without interruption for our clients. For many of our clients, our online services are critical to day to day operations and our marketing efforts are crucial in enabling them to communicate their message during these uncertain times.

I’d like to thank all my team, suppliers and clients for their continued support and note that we’ll do everything we can as a business and as a community to help. To find out more about how we’re supporting businesses during this time, visit our dedicated COVID-19 page.

Dave Walker
Managing Director