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Last Minute Christmas Marketing

It’s the week before December and you’ve not planned any Christmas campaigns for your business. FEAR NOT, we’re here to help.

Below is our concise list of easy Christmas marketing campaigns that can be carried out on social media with minimal effort.

Look at your results from last year

What went well last Christmas? What wasn’t so successful? Use last year’s data and insights to help decide how you are going to promote your product and/or service during Christmas. Maybe it’s time to scrap the social media campaign that you spent hours on for only a few to interact, and develop a new strategy to engage with your customers. Look at how different methods of advertising have developed since last year and be sure your advertising is relevant. Video has become increasingly popular, year on year online viewing of Christmas adverts are increasing. If you consider the success of John Lewis or Boots, you’ll understand how important it is to have engaging and emotional video content as part of your campaign.

  • Rethink what’s not working and compare with your competitors to find out what your target audience is engaging with.
  • Consider making video content. Even short video filmed and edited on a mobile device can garner a lot of views, so long as the contents of the video is entertaining/interesting and the sound and camera quality isn’t too low. Make sure you think about those viewing your content on mobile devices too and how the way your video is filmed and formatted may translate on a mobile device.

Be ready for mobile

Mobile is an ever increasing device used, especially over the Christmas period! Make sure all social media platforms, content, email and your website is optimised for mobile. Whether this is to advertise your product/service for sales or to engage with your customers and remain present throughout Christmas. As well as this, it is important to consider how many people will receive a brand new phone for Christmas. Make sure you aren’t left behind in 2018.

  • If optimising your website for mobile in time for Christmas isn’t possible for you, then add plenty of links in your website’s copy to social media content that is designed specifically for mobile consumption, so that web visitors and social media followers can still learn about your business’ services, products and events for Christmas.

Christmas Countdown

This is a very easy and simple method that can be done on all the different media platforms to help create a sense of urgency within your target market. For example, every customer wants their product in time for Christmas day. Use the Christmas countdown to constantly remind customers they have a limited time to purchase their gift or they won’t have it in time. This reminded can be constantly posted on Social Media and included within emails. In addition to this, a promotional offer such as ‘Free Delivery’ or ‘Discounts for Returning Customers’ can be included to push customers into purchasing sooner rather than later.

  • Christmas countdown can be done with pictures, gifs, videos or other, simple messages.
  • One idea is to post a graphic counting down the days until Christmas and have a Christmas joke or fact accompanying it. This shows brand personality through humour and a conversational, more informal tone and makes the countdown messages more interesting overall to followers and potential followers.

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