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‘Chewbacca Mom’ Breaks Facebook Live Record

Until recently, Buzzfeed’s watermelon video was the all-time leader in Facebook Live views, with around 10 million. That’s until Candace Payne of Texas posted a video last week which has since been viewed more than 144 million times!

It’s become the video that everyone is talking about. It’s a simple video of her getting really excited about a Chewbacca “Star Wars” mask that she’d just purchased. Sat in her car with her phone on the dashboard, the video shows her unwrapping the mask, struggling to talk because she’s so excited, before putting it on and breaking down into hysterical laughter. This is not just any mask – it’s a special mask that growls when the person wearing it moves their mouth.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below…

Naturally, Payne has now become an internet star and her life has changed dramatically. Kohl’s, the shop she bought the mask from, has thanked Payne for the free publicity by sending her children a tonne of Star Wars toys. Then, this week, Mark Zuckerberg invited Payne to Facebook’s headquarters where she rode bikes with Chewbacca and met the team that created the video platform that launched her stardom.



Another highlight has to be Payne’s appearance on The Late Late Show where she took part in a carpool sketch with host James Corden and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams. All this within a week of posting the video!

So why has the video been so successful?

One of the main reasons is probably because it’s impossible to watch the video without smiling. Payne’s laugh is infectious and the video simply shows off her happy and fun personality. She seems like the kind of person everyone would love to know. Payne has said that people who have been grieving have even contacted her to thank her for sharing the video.

When asked why she thinks it’s been so well received, Payne said, “I think people were with me, going ‘I needed that, I needed that.”

Also, so many posts on social media these days focus on negativity. Amongst all the bad news and complaining came genuine fun – someone enjoying themselves.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can certainly buy you a Chewbacca mask.

“It’s the simple joys in life.”