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Burnley’s Thriving Digital Sector

Brilliant Burnley

Burnley is a brilliant town for many reasons, one being the thriving digital sector we have here. In 2016, Burnley was voted as the 2nd most successful town in the United Kingdom for digital jobs growth. The local growth in digital sector jobs at this time was credited mostly to large digital companies such as BooHoo, who are fellow Burnley Bondholders, being based in the town. Ever since 2016, the expansion of Burnley’s digital sector has only strengthened.


The Financial Times in May of 2018 reported that the UK was outpacing the wider economy when it came to the tech industry. This achievement was accredited to smaller ‘tech towns’ that expanded beyond the south-east. Burnley was outlined as one of these outstanding towns for digital excellence by name.


We Want To See Burnley Succeed

As a digital marketing and website design and development company, we are invested in the future of our area’s digital growth and are deeply passionate about ensuring the future for young people who are local to Burnley and who want to work within the digital sector.

+24 is one of many local businesses excited to see the continued growth of the digital sector locally, something which will be driven by the Burnley Bondholders, Burnley Council, Themis and Burnley College – all of whom we as a company are heavily involved with.

The growth and success of the local digital sector matters to +24 as it will help the local economy. Digital sector growth will drive employment in the local area, opening new doors and introducing young people to more work and education opportunities within and around Burnley, helping Burnley thrive and exposing digital businesses within the area to more opportunities also.


The Future

One of the ways that, as a town, we will continue to drive this growth will be through The Landmark, a new ‘tech hub’ set to open its doors to digital businesses in September of 2018. The Landmark will be a co-working, conferencing, collaborative space for digital and tech companies to thrive within, cultivating a culture of innovation and creativity, propelled by a positive yet focused climate.


Burnley’s Legacy

Burnley has always been a town of constant evolution and sustained success in whatever industry we command throughout history. We began as a marketing town and impressively held a market for over 700 years during the medieval era, before dominating the cotton industry with our impressive milling capabilities during the industrial revolution. From there Burnley has seen great success in the aerospace and engineering sectors, with our continued growth in tech and already impressive standing within the industry, Burnley’s thriving digital sector is destined only to expand.

Be a Part of It

Want to be a part of the digital revolution that’s about to take over Burnley? Register your interest with The Landmark online to receive news, updates, early birds deals and more. Remember also to follow +24 on Twitter and our other platforms. The future is now.