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Burnley Colour Dash 2017

For months, the anticipation for Burnley Colour Dash has been building across the town. The Facebook page for the event – which was in aid of well-loved local charity Pendleside Hospice – has been teasing followers with updates, revealing sponsors, the dash route, the arrival of colourful merchandise, and the addition of a beer tent from The Kettledrum Inn, which, understandably, brought a lots of excitement.

Dashers were treated to a host of stalls and entertainment in the event village within Thompson Park. The organisers outdid themselves in creating a wonderful day for everyone involved – they even managed to postpone the bad weather until after the dash!

Before the dash began, dashers got warmed up in a group dance-along and the sense of community was tangible. The dash began and the first paint station was +24’s very own.

Equipped with a fantastic sound system, provided by Burnley business Opus Audio, and boxes full of paint, the +24 team got stuck in, and had no qualms about making sure every inch of every runner was covered head-to-toe in blue paint. Thanks to the long-reaching arms and ‘enthusiasm’ of Social Sam, we were dubbed as the most “aggressive” paint-slinging station by dashers – although we were reassured by dashers that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Other stations were sponsored by Askews, Engie and Burnley College, and the main sponsor of the event was Boohoo, who had the foresight to bring plastic rain ponchos to provide to runners after the event.

The dashers themselves were diverse, representing all physical abilities, ages and backgrounds, but all had one thing in common; they came to have fun and raise money for a worthy cause. Both of these goals were not only met, but exceeded. Nobody could have predicted the huge turnout, or the creative costumes that were seen. Tutus, shower caps, funky glasses, technicolour wigs, rainbow bandanas, and fairy wings were not, by any stretch of the imagination, an uncommon sight. There were dashers with prams, walking sticks and guide canes for the visually impaired.

Everyone arrived looking pristine and left covered head to toe in paint, trailing rainbow powder behind them. There’s already been lots of calls for announcements of next year’s event. Burnley Colour Dash was successful in not only raising money and awareness for Pendleside Hospice, but in bringing together the local community and giving them a colourful experience they’ll never forget.

Photo credit: Andy Ford – Pendle Live