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Boost Your Business’ Social Media Reach With These Three Tips

To hope that your target market isn’t on at least one social media platform is naive.

However, growing your business’ reach is difficult, especially as each platform gets noisier.

For those out there who are frustrated by their lack of reach, consider that the quality of your followers is far more important than the quantity.

But, if you’re desperate to grow your audience, then here are three basic tips to get you started.
Optimise for Each Platform
Facebook is not Twitter. Twitter is not Instagram.

It is imperative that you create and tweak your content depending on the context of where you’re posting it.

Facebook – Facebook is a place where many users connect with friends or family. It is also a place of escapism.

Therefore, your tone of voice should fit this.

Write like you’re speaking to a friend.

If you have the budget to, experiment with Facebook advertising to boost your reach.

Twitter – You’ve only got 140 characters, so make the most of them.

Be succinct in your text and add hashtags if you’ve got the characters to spare.

Images go a long way towards engagement, and they add ‘real estate’ to your posts.

Instagram – Instagram is all about visuals.

After that, the best captions are conversational and intriguing, and the most successful posts have between 10-12 hashtags.

You can hide your hashtags by commenting on your own post after it’s been uploaded. After that, the best way to grow your audience is to engage with other people posting on your subject.

Use the Right Hashtags
Hashtags have a bad rep as a millennial way of gaining attention. Actually, they are a very good way of cataloging relevant content. Essentially they act as a free way for small businesses to swim in the same pond as larger companies.

Take the time to do some research to find which hashtags are being used most frequently in your industry and across hashtag influencers, both on Twitter and Instagram.

By consistently using the same hashtags into your posts, your content is continually added to these repositories. This way, when someone searches a hashtag, your content, both old and new, show up.

Join The Conversation
When it comes down to it, people engage with people.

Create a community by posting questions to your social accounts, actively responding to comments, and having fun!

While posting sales messages can lead to the occasional sale, they won’t grow your audience. This means those same sales messages will only go so far.

Encourage ongoing conversation and draw followers in. By establishing a trustworthy and relatable brand, people will begin to visit your website more frequently to find out more about this awesome business.

Ask users to caption your photo, contribute to conversations, and create content around occasions as and when they occur.

These are simple tips to grow your online audience, but if you implement these tips and have the courage to make mistakes and learn from them, then social media can help boost your business.

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