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Facebook's Newest Feature Aims To Enhance The Experience Of It's Visually Impaired Users

Alt-text update Facebook’s newest bid to make its user experience better is here, and it builds on a pre-existing accessibility feature implemented in 2016. The features update will improve on the…


3 Marketing Trends To Plan For In 2018

1. Content Marketing Content marketing is a marketing strategy that you absolutely need to implement in 2018. When most people think of ‘content marketing’, they likely envision blogs and…


Why Tesco’s Christmas Advert is One of the Best in 2017

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas season brings a flurry of festive TV and those all important Christmas adverts which businesses spend all year preparing for. Each of the adverts have…


How To Make Facebook Live Photos

Firstly, If you’re an Android user then I’m afraid this blog doesn’t apply to you. Sorry about that. The new live photos feature on Facebook is known as a ‘Press and Hold Facebook…


The Best Christmas Ads of 2017

For those who might have missed it, Christmas is here! And, with its arrival, comes the onslaught of Christmas adverts designed to try and make you cry or laugh or both (probably both). #ReadyForTakeOff…


Why You Should Stop Selling This Christmas

The Christmas countdown has officially begun, an occasion that seems to kick off earlier each year. With the 25th of December at the forefront of everyone’s minds, businesses with products to sell…


Twitter Tests New Way To Make Life Easier For Advertisers

Twitter isn't giving up on its advertisers yet. Recently, Twitter updated their character limit from 140 to 280 - but now they're unveiling something new. Talking About Twitter is experimenting…


Instagram Launches New Feature To Help People Find YOUR Content

Instagram is making a major change to its main feed. In the past, the app has put a lot of resources into its Stories feature, but now we finally have something new on its original timeline. The picture-sharing…


The Best Halloween Ads of 2017

Over recent years, brands have recognised that Halloween is just as much of an opportunity to create clever and captivating advertising campaigns as Christmas.  This year more than ever, it seems…


Snapchat Reveal HUGE Jump In Ad Revenue

Snapchat in a rut? I don't think so! Advertising spending on Snapchat soared 73 per cent in the third quarter of this year. The growth was due to features that now allows companies to track where…

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