Blog Author: Ben Andrews


Are you updating social media or is it updating you?

Social media can change people, change their views on things and even change how people look. Profiles on Facebook and Twitter undoubtedly influence people, some pages can make you think ‘Hey maybe…


The 5 Brands That Smashed Social Media During the Olympics.

There have been a lot of good social media campaigns supporting the Rio Olympics but there have been some pretty good ones that stand out a mile.  Google. Google have been hammering their campaign…


How to Stay Motivated

Motivation is key to a productive day, even if that’s you searching Twitter in the morning for inspirational quotes or just having a dream you want to achieve so much that you’ll do anything…


Getting the Conversation Started on Twitter

Twitter is a noisy place where your posts can easily get lost within seconds… If they’re not good enough that is. A good post generally consists of three things: A strong message An attractive…


You’re a Social Media Tool: Improve your social media with 4 simple platforms

This was blogged by our apprentice Ben to help you along with your social media and to have a deeper insight into what he does here at +24 Marketing. I’ve been a part of the +24 Marketing's…


How Social Media is Changing the Olympics

There are pros and cons when it comes to using social media in Rio right now. Some journalists are speculating as to whether social media could decide the fate of this year’s Olympic Games. With…


More Emojis From Apple?

We all love Apple's emojis, there are some we use every day and some you probably don’t even realise are there. Since iOS 9.1 was released, there have been brilliant new emojis like the unicorn,…


3 Ways to Engage Millennials With Your Marketing

A conversation we recently had in the office sparked the idea for this blog. We were discussing how some organisations are stuck in the past and are failing to recognise how marketing is changing.…


How to Survive an Office Heatwave

Summer has finally arrived. The sun is shining, kids are out, legs are on show, but you… you’re stuck in an oven cooking alive, otherwise known as an office. There are ways you can survive…


The phenomenon of Pokemon Go, explained by a millennial

I’ve been looking forward to a blog like this for a while now, getting to write about a game! Pokemon Go has been out for a couple weeks now and it’s already taken the world by storm. Over…

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