Blog Archive: May 2017


Facebook To Show Political Party Perpectives in Run Up To Election

With #GE2017 fast approaching - the power of Facebook should not be underestimated. And as any good Spiderman fan knows, with great power comes great responsibility.  And the social media giant is…


Instagram Finishes Ripping Off Snapchat

If you weren’t already aware - Facebook and its sister brands have entered 2017 with a simple business plan. Take what made Snapchat popular, and plug it into their products. Instagram was the first…


Twitter Falls Behind ANOTHER Social Platform

Twitter’s struggles to maintain and grow its audience has been well documented. Snapchat now has more active users, Facebook has blown them out the water, and now they’ve fallen behind another…


Facebook To Launch Long Form Video Content

Facebook’s strength is its ability to garner attention from every angle.  Sometimes successfully, with products like Facebook Live, and sometimes less so with ideas like Facebook Stories. What's…


Content Marketing is a Long-Term Commitment, Not a Campaign

It takes someone 11 touch points to know, like, and trust you and before they are ready to buy. That's according to Google's Zero Moment of Truth. So it’s important to start building content…


Facebook & Google Make Up 20% of ALL Digital Advertising.

Digital advertising is starting to become a two-horse race. In the last 12 months, Google and Facebook attracted one-fifth of global advertising spend last year, nearly double the figure of five years…

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