Blog Archive: July 2017


Facebook Steps Up Efforts To Clamp Down on Pirates

Facebook has stepped up its game in stopping users who share pirated videos. They acquired Source3 - a start-up that builds technology to detect intellectual property that has been shared by internet…


Why Businesses Should Embrace Apprenticeships

For many teens, the period after high school can be a difficult time. We have the pressure of deciding what we want to do for the rest of our lives and feel like failures if we don’t know. Do we…


Social Media - Educate, Entertain, and Inform

Educate, Entertain, Inform. Ryan Lee has a great book called Ask! It shows you how to drill down into the tiniest detail about your audience, researching and asking them questions so you can get your…


Three Tricks To Kickstart Your Twitter

Twitter has become a bit of an ugly step-sister. Whilst Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat’s user base continues to grow – Twitter’s has stagnated. This has led many to declare Twitter officially,…


Five Ways To Take Your Instagram To The Next Level

Recently, we've put a real emphasis on our Instagram content. With over 600 million active users, it is undeniable that your target market is on the platform.  However, as with all social media…


The Apprentice Chronicles: First Week in Review

In March of this year, Sam, the Head of Social (and official office First Aider) of +24 Marketing uploaded a blog to our website about Apprenticeships vs University. It brought up lot of viable…

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