Blog Archive: March 2016


Digital Skills: Holding Back UK Firms?

According to research commissioned by the Digital Eagles at Barclays, 47% of UK firms believe that they would be more productive if there was a higher level of digital skills in their business. In this…


Introducing... Beme

Have you heard? There’s a new social network to check out! We all seem to get very excited by a new app every week but this is the first one I’ve really liked since SnapChat and actually,…


Ben's Adventures at +24

Our Social Media Apprentice, Ben, joined +24 just over a month ago so we thought we’d ask him to write a post about his experience so far. It's been an interesting several weeks... In a good…


How to make £50k in 3 hours

So in this blog I'm going to describe how you can generate £50,000 worth of business in just three hours work!   Okay so actually that's a load of rubbish and sounds like one of…



Following on from my blog a few weeks ago about moving towards a secure web, I have an update about Google’s move towards https. In a security blog post earlier this week, they announced that they…


Forget PMQs, We Are +24

“Bloody brilliant” - Not our words, but the words of a very impressed attendee that was lucky enough to bag a seat at our March Q&A event.   Compèred by +24 MD, Dave Walker,…


Instagram to adopt Facebook’s relevance algorithm

Instagram revealed some big news this week, news that is likely to disappoint and delight in equal measures. It's testing a more personalised feed for its users, based on the algorithm used by Instagram's…


R.I.P. Ray Tomlinson: Father of Email

We were all saddened to hear the news this weekend that Ray Tomlinson, inventor of the email, passed away. He has revolutionised the way that the modern world communicates through his "side…


Taking Action Is More Important Than The Idea

Our MD comments on taking action when starting a business rather than those who just have an idea: Execution is the key...the 'idea' is meaningless. Every week someone approaches me with an 'amazing…

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