EMBRACE the chaos!

EMBRACE the chaos!

This was one of the many tips on how to make your business successful and flourish in today's market place by motivational speaker and coach Debbie Huxton at today's +24 Marketing event.

The former A&E nurse spoke to the crowd at +24 Marketing's latest event at Northbridge House in Burnley and certainly instilled a lot of get-up-and-go in everyone there.

Debbie stressed to the local businessmen and women in the room that they should also take more care of their health, finances and relationships - both with their clients and themselves.

She said: "If you have bad relationships, you won't have a good business. You need to look at how you come across to other people and build your self-worth and self-esteem."

Debbie said a number of businesses that become stale and fail to thrive do so because they don't value themselves and their employees as much as they should.

"What kind of philosophy is being driven through your staff?", she asked. "Business owners should instil the mission, vision and ambition of the business in each and every one of their employees.

"You need to make your staff feel valued. Even when you're struggling personally or professionally, don't appear negative in front of your staff."

Debbie also asked the delegation how many people were taking their business seriously. Were they running it as a business, or a busy mess?

She said: "It's good to go back to basics and look at it from the outside. Business owners get far too complacent. "If you're prepared to go back to basics and reflect and self reflect you can add a lot of money to your bottom line."

The next +24 Marketing event will take place on Wednesday 2 September when Debbie Huxton and another guest speaker will attend.

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