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Big kids at the park

School’s out for the summer. But here at +24 Marketing we don’t think it should just be the kids that have all the fun.

Armed with space hoppers, Hessian sacks and eggs and spoons we made our way from our Northbridge House base to Queen’s Park where, despite a few funny looks, we held our inaugural sports day.

With video and photographic evidence (just take a look at the video – hilarious) the team – who all looked very smart in their +24 branded t-shirts – giggled as they rolled about on the grass during the team event.

The finale was an adaptation on the three-legged race. All six participants had their ankles bound together while new addition Lisa took care of the photos and video.

Needless to say, it ended in everyone except boss man Dave on the floor. But as he said, he’s a ‘formidable force’.

Take a look at the video on our Facebook page, and please like and share.

I’m sure there’ll be more to come in the near future. Watch this space…