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Best Christmas Ads of 2018

All of the 2018 Christmas adverts have been broadcasted and are circulating on your television screens each day and night until the big day. Some of them you love to watch, others you hate, not ranked in any particular order, here are some of the best Christmas Adverts of 2018:


Boots #GiftsThatGetThem

This advert focuses on the unbreakable bond between a parent and child. This advert is really easy to relate to if you’re a mother or a daughter, it shows both the highs and lows of a typical relationship and in the end they always make up. This is quite an emotive advert produced by Boots, it makes you appreciate the Mum or daughter and buy a gift they will really love.  


Sainsburys ‘The Big Night’ We give all we’ve got for the ones we love

This advert is a feel-good typical Christmas performance by Primary School Children, being watched by loving family members. This is an advert that most families of all ages can relate to, whether that is as a child performing in the nativity or as a parent watching. The main talking point of this ad is, of course, the child dressed as a plug launching himself into a wall. Everybody wants to try it! Maybe Sainsbury’s should make it a thing?


Aldi #KevinTheCarrot Kevin Is Back, Have a Fairytale Christmas

It’s the return of everyone’s favorite Carrot for the third year in a row! This time Kevin the Carrot is seen in multiple fairy-tale adventures, featuring his family. This Christmas campaign produced by Aldi is a growing success as viewers of the advert have built a relationship with the carrot as they’ve watched his adventures throughout the years. Customers at Aldi now have the opportunity to buy Kevin the Carrot which helps bring this TV Campaign to life.
But that’s not all! Aldi has put a twist on the family-favourite Coca-Cola Holidays Are Coming ad, by featuring Kevin with his own Coca-Cola truck. Unfortunately, Kevin isn’t an experienced lorry driver and finds himself to be stuck on a snowy cliff #SaveKevin

And of course, Coca-Cola are here to save Kevin…


Iceland No Palm Oil The ‘banned’ Christmas Advert

This Christmas advert has to be the most successful TV advert that never made it to television. Iceland are attempting to raise awareness on the damage caused to Rainforest when consumers use products containing Palm Oil. They’ve made a commitment to stop using Palm Oil in their products to help save the Rainforest. Iceland then took to Social Media to ask as many people as possible to share their advert as unfortunately their advert couldn’t be broadcasted on TV. This caused an outrage on social media as viewers thought this message deserved to be shared all over the world to help raise awareness.

Of course they are right but there are a few things Iceland haven’t told you about the advert. Firstly the advert isn’t their own it is a campaign produced by Green Peace, it isn’t even their own. Secondly, with their campaign being produced by Green Peace, they already knew that for political reasons, this advert would not get broadcasted on TV. This was a huge publicity stunt done by Iceland with a very little cost- congrats!


McDonalds #ReindeerReady

This year’s McDonalds advert seems to be getting a better reaction than the John Lewis Ad! This shows the journey Reindeers and Father Christmas go through when delivering all our Christmas presents. At each stop, Santa is left milk and a mince pie to enjoy and keep him going, whereas the reindeer don’t receive anything. You can see they get gradually tired and disappointed when Santa doesn’t bring them any carrots back. Then in the distance, the famous golden arches are spotted and Father Christmas decides to treat the reindeer by purchasing all of McDonalds carrot sticks. After seeing this advert, you will definitely be making the effort to leave carrots out this year!


John Lewis & Partners #EltonJohnLewis The Boy and The Piano, Some gifts are more than just gifts

The pressure is always on John Lewis to create ‘the best’ Christmas advert but this year it hasn’t lived up to some viewers expectations. John Lewis is sharing the important message that it’s not just receiving a gift, it is the value behind the gift. The advert follows Elton John growing up and how receiving piano as a young boy gave him the career he has today. A lot of viewers believe this advert has also been used to promote Elton John’s film Rocket Man, John Lewis have let themselves down this year.

However, a local filmmaker who created a Christmas advert with a £50 budget has brought everyone to tears and shamed John Lewis. Could he be making the next Christmas Advert for John Lewis? Watch it and let us know what you think:

Heartbreaking, right?


Twitter #NotARetailStore @johnlewis

At last, the real John Lewis gets the acknowledgement he deserves! His username on Twitter is @JohnLewis, which can easily be mistaken for the store. Each Christmas time he spends his time going through thousands of tweets that are meant for the business. Twitter think he deserves recognition for this, so they’ve produced their Christmas advert to let us meet the real John Lewis.


Cadbury’s- Secret Santa

This advert follows individuals leaving cadbury chocolate behind for loved ones to find. However they are doing this dressed up as ‘Secret Santa’, it is a heartwarming ad as it shows all generations doing it and how happy the person is to receive the surprise gift. Cadbury’s have taken their own twist on the traditional Secret Santa, maybe it’s what you could get your fellow coworker this year?


These are some of my favourite adverts from this year, what are yours?

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