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Ben’s Adventures at +24

Our Social Media Apprentice, Ben, joined +24 just over a month ago so we thought we’d ask him to write a post about his experience so far.

It’s been an interesting several weeks…

In a good way! Honestly, I’ve learnt a lot from being here, from the foundations of content marketing to how to edit a video.

One of my main daily activities is content writing, which is really interesting because of the wide range of clients we work with. One minute I can be tweeting about beauty or fashion, and the next minute it’ll be cars and IT.

I like to think of my time here as a video game. You always start at level 1, no experience, no nothing!

That’s exactly what’s happened here, I’ve definitely not reached the top level yet but I’d like to think I’m at least level 10 in the long game of my career.

My first day here was pretty scary though. I walked in, was introduced to the team who are all really friendly and it all seemed to be going well…

Until a huge bomb was dropped on me (metaphorically) and I was told that there was an event that day! With people! People I had to talk to!

Once I got over the idea of meeting fifty new people in one day, I was calmed by the great news of free sandwiches at the event.

When I was sneaking past each person at the event trying to grab a few butties, I was stopped by a few people and had a good chat, it was actually really interesting to talk to people and get to know about some other local businesses.

So, to conclude my first blog I will admit that this opportunity has made me face the harsh reality that, no… I’m not going to win the lottery at a young age and never have to work in my life…

But this is definitely a good second choice!