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Beating Facebook’s Business-Punishing Algorithm

Facebook’s latest algorithm update means that users’ News Feeds have changed. Business pages are receiving less space and time on the News Feed, in favour of showing more posts and updates from friends and family. The News Feed renovation means that organic engagements on the posts of business profiles will sink, while the impressions of promoted posts will raise, making reaching a wider audience on Facebook almost dependant on promoting posts. There are other ways to stop Facebook from punishing your business profile as much, most of which are to do with the quality and content of your posts.

Quality Content

Avoid ‘spammy’ content, including links to poorly functioning websites and posts that contain ‘spammy’ or ‘clickbait’ style phrasing and titles. Make sure the websites you link to are of a good quality and reputation. For this, it’s best to use links from the first five or six search results that come up when you search for a topic, as these are ranked higher in search engines because they are deemed good quality. Being creative with wording and using high quality images in your posts, as well as making sure your posts are spelt correctly and don’t contain grammatical (you can use Grammarly to check your writing for free) help in making sure your posts aren’t deemed ‘spammy’ and lead to your page being penalised by Facebook.

Keep It Relevant

Post content that is relevant to your business (for example, if you’re an accountancy business, don’t post links to a BBC Recipes article). While it is good to switch up your posts once in a while, especially if its relevant to a specific annual day or event, just be sure to not make a habit out of flooding your page with irrelevant posts and links.

Be Responsive

Do not go quiet into the good night of Facebook’s business page-punishing antics. Responding to comments, engaging with followers and starting conversations in the comments section of posts is a surefire way to achieve marketing success when it comes to Facebook. Not only does it mean your followers are more engaged and interested in what your page has to offer, Facebook also holds your page in higher regard for doing so, rewarding responsive and active pages by suggesting and showing posts to more users who may not have otherwise come across your post.


Share information in posts that is valuable and useful to your followers. It will, again, attract more attention and likes/shares/etc, and give your page a better reputation on Facebook, which is only a good thing.

Visual Is Better

Never just post text updates to Facebook. Every Facebook post should include either a link, a video, a gif, an image or a Live Photo. Visual content can help to add context, create a sense of branding, make your post more shareable and overall boost your post’s engagements. Live Photos are an amazing Facebook tool, because they are interactive, capture people’s attention and are only available currently on Facebook itself, making them completely unique.