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Are bots taking over social media?

You may have spotted recently that we randomly generated some of our tweets. It didn’t go well.

What is automation and how does it affect me?

At present, social media automation is about using tools and software to streamline the workload of your social media team. These can be things like Direct Message bots that take over your DM’s and try to help solve common customer-based problems before it gets to you. This filters out spam and only sends you the important messages.

These tools are really convenient for a lot of us, and we love using them because they do make our lives so much easier. But at present, they’re only doing a small percentage of the work to better our social media space. What about when the Automation can go a step further and we can use not too futuristic AI to simulate tweets? Maybe to the extent that we can just sit back and relax.

Earlier this week we found a fun app that scrapes your Twitter account and randomly generates some of your tweets. It uses keywords and attempts to put them together in a tweet. It’s a bit of fun but we thought we’d let the randomly generated tweets loose on our actual Twitter account and see if people noticed.

We dropped some of our randomly generated tweets onto our timeline. Did you spot them?

How did it go?

Well, obviously there were some issues with the tweets as you can see. It lacks a bit of that +24 charm and wit we all know and love. While the general gist of our +24 message is there, we’re talking about digital marketing, CRMs and apprenticeships which are all things +24. But there’s no value, no personality, and no heart in the content.

We generated 100’s of tweets and that’s something we noticed throughout. While it did have our core messages, they’re not really saying anything.

So while it’s really impressive that applications let you do fun things like this, I think there will always be a need for a Social Media Marketing team to be there to guide these apps and add a little human element.

While tools can streamline your time and they can be entertaining, you need to be careful how much you rely on them. We firmly believe that there will always need to be a human element in social media.

If you want to give it a go, try out this fun little app here!