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Social Media Strategy Checklist & Content Calendar

Success in social media comes from having a strategy. This can help you understand and identify your goals, know who your target audience is and what they are looking for, so your content can offer value to their business. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow content strategy checklist and calendar template to help you along the […]

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Why do you need a social media content strategy?

Today we are seeing entire businesses start and thrive by just using social media effectively, and existing businesses deciding to be part of this growing online community. Social media doesn’t just have to be great for the big names out there. Smaller businesses, local communities and charities can all thrive on social media by just […]

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How to set a social media content strategy

We are here to get your social media content strategy firing on all cylinders! A social media strategy is a To-Do-List of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on each platform. It helps you create an action plan and analyse successes or improvements needed. If you try to cut corners, tackling your [...]

Selling on social media: what you need to know

Today brands have more access to their potential customers & their data than ever before. Customers expect their favourite brands to be online and want to also use social media to discover new and exciting products. Because of this, social media has evolved considerably recently for businesses to take full advantage of all the different […]

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6 top tips to boost your sales using social media

Social media is a valuable tool for any business. It can be used to build your brand's reputation, create loyal customers and even increase sales. Check out these six tips for making the most of your social media presence and using it to drive sales.   Let your flag fly Social media allows you to [...]

Are bots taking over social media?

You may have spotted recently that we randomly generated some of our tweets. It didn’t go well. What is automation and how does it affect me? At present, social media automation is about using tools and software to streamline the workload of your social media team. These can be things like Direct Message bots that […]

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How to streamline your social media workflow

If you are a marketing manager who is in charge of your organisation’s online presence, you are probably responsible for its social media accounts. Social media can be as easy, or as hard, as you make it. There is no way to automate every element of your social media output – the best accounts still […]

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How to get the best ROI on social media

Social media is an invaluable tool in every business’ arsenal but it’s pointless if it doesn’t generate an ROI. Social media is a tool, and a tool is only as effective as the person using it. That means there are things you need to keep in mind if you want to maximise the return on […]