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9 Best (FREE) Apps to Up Your Instagram Game

Instagram has 700 million users, and the pressure can be felt by many to ensure that their posts are of a high quality. For businesses, good quality Instagram posts, with effective utilisation of tagging, can garner likes, which boosts followers and opens up possibilities to connect with potential clients and customers. With that in mind, editing apps for photos and videos can help increase the quality of your posts.

Here is our (by no means exhaustive) list of the top free apps to step up your Instagram with ease.

Font Candy by Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger apps are well loved by many Instagram users, and for good reason. Although they use watermarks and offer paid upgrade packages, they are free, easy to use and can be quite effective. Font Candy offers a range of free fonts and ‘artwork’ sticker overlays, all customisable in terms of size, colour and level of opacity. Although paying for the removal of the watermark and ads may seem like a down-side, there are some tricks to get around these obstacles, all of which work for any app that features ads or watermarks.

Lidow by Photo Perfect Corp

This is an all-round effects based editor. You can flip images, add textured overlays, faux light leaks, alter colours in customisable filters, create a photo-mirror and easily put together a collage. Lidow’s popularity is due to the fact that all of its effects are customisable in colour, size and severity. It’s relatively easy to navigate and you can crop the image to size for Instagram within the app itself.

PicMonkey by PicMonkey

Anyone who’s a fan of this website may find themselves a little bit disappointed to find that PicMonkey’s app also charges for the ‘Touch-Up’ feature, which in essence allows you to put makeup on the subject of your image, whiten their teeth and smooth out wrinkles and blemishes etc. Access to this feature on the app costs £1.99 – but fear not, there are still plenty of things to do on this app!

You can add and alter the size, colour and opacity of a library of stickers, use some of PicMonkey’s best loved filters, choose from a number of fonts and selection of colours to add some text, or draw over your image. Although the loss of the Touch-Up feature may be sad, there are free alternatives that work just as well as PicMonkey’s version of this concept.

Avatan by Leonid Ilyaev

Avatan is essentially a Touch-Up app, allowing users to whiten teeth and eyes, blur away wrinkles, blemishes, acne and discolouration, to reduce shine, touch up their roots and apply makeup to the subject of their image. This can be used to both perfect an image by lightening under-eye shadows or blending away forehead shine, or apply eyeshadow, blush, mascara, lipstick and other similar cosmetics affects virtually to the face.

SplitPic by Easy Tiger

Split pic simply allows you to take two images and blend them seamlessly side by side. The app itself does feature filters and control for levels of saturation and blur, but simply put, it splits your pictures and blends them together. This can look particularly effective if the two photos have the same background, as you can make it seem as if there’s two of whatever or whoever you’re photographing.

Boomerang by Instagram

We all love a good Boomerang, don’t we? If you’re not privy to what Boomerang is, it’s the app owned/created by Facebook-owned Instagram, that allows you to take a video that lasts a second, then plays it forwards and backwards and puts the product into a looping video.

To open the ‘secret menu’ aspect of this app, you need to complete the 4×4 finger tap, wherein you tap four fingers against the screen, four times. In the menu, you can control how long the video is, how it loops and alter other components of the Boomerang.

Boomerangs look effective when they’re taking shots of things making big movements, like someone splashing into a pool or throwing something towards the camera (confetti, leaves, etc).

GifArt by PicsArt

GifsArt allows you to take a video and turn it into a Gif. In the GifsArt studio, you can speed up or slow down the gif, add moving gif stickers or stationery stickers, add text and choose from a range of filters. As for exporting your gif, you can save it as a gif, which is pefect for Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, or as a video, perfect for Instagram and Snapchat. You can also export your creation directly to these platforms and share it from the app itself, and all your gifs automatically save into personal GifsArt library, so you don’t need to worry about losing your creations forever if you delete them from your phone. GifsArt does have Watermarks, however if you simply tap the watermark in the studio, it lets you remove it, without any charge (for now).

White Border by Tao Zhang

Like SplitPic, the app’s name is quite self-explanatory. White Border let’s you (unbelievably) add a white border to your images. For many Instagram users, adding white borders around their images makes their feed look cleaner and more spacious/minimalistic, if the same width of border is applied to all images. White Border is free, but is plagued with pop up adverts that dominate the screen at random points. However, there is a simple trick to getting around adverts in apps.

Bettr by Bettr

Bettr is a free scheduling app that lets you pre-plan your posts and choose the caption, and exact time you want your image to be posted. The app also has a studio where you can change the size and shape of your post, and add a selection of filters, some of which aren’t half bad. This app helps maintain your level of post activity and keep your Instagram organised.

Getting around watermarks

Getting around the watermarks apps place on your image is not necessarily difficult, it’s just somewhat of a “faff”, so to speak. Save your image into your camera roll, screenshot it and then edit the screenshotted version in the app. So long as your image isn’t a full-screen portrait sized one (which you can’t post on Instagram) then this means the watermark will fall at the lowest (usually right-hand) corner of the image, and not occupy any space on your picture. After you’ve edited and saved this image, you can either crop it in your camera roll to the same shape as the original image, or fit it to the screen when you upload it to Instagram.

Getting around in-app ads

Ads use internet. Without an internet connection, they can’t appear. To rid yourself of ads in apps, go to your control panel and put your phone on ‘Airplane’ mode, or disconnect from the wifi.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful! If you’d like to chat to someone at +24 Marketing about marketing your business on any social media platform, then call us on 01282 792568 or connect with us @Plus24Marketing.