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6 top tips to boost your sales using social media

Social media is a valuable tool for any business. It can be used to build your brand’s reputation, create loyal customers and even increase sales.

Check out these six tips for making the most of your social media presence and using it to drive sales.


Let your flag fly

Social media allows you to flex your creative bone. People will naturally gravitate towards fun, creative, engaging content. The more creative your content the more of an audience you will build. The more your audience will grow the more sales you’ll be able to convert.

You need to ensure that the content you’re making is also authentic, nothing puts people off quicker than fake content. The feeling of it being fake will do you no favours and attract some unwanted attention.


Stop, collaborate and listen! 

Collaboration or takeovers are a great way to grow. We’ve recently seen the rise of influence marketing really begin to take off. These are key social media icons with large personal followings who can vouch for you, your product and your brand. Influencers offer a human face to the brand and people tend to be ‘on their side’ when it comes to products. 

It’s a great way to drive sales in the short term while the partnership is active. You will see active growth of your brand, but it is only temporary. You also need to be cautious when selecting your influencer. Do some research into who they are and the previous products they’ve promoted, don’t be swept up in follower counts and vanity metrics.



Competitions and giveaways are possibly the fastest way to grow on social media. So many companies jumpstart their social media campaigns to boost their stats. They’re a great way to grow as a platform. Most competitions ask fans to like, comment and share – which is great for your metrics and data. However, this doesn’t always help make conversions but rather help with brand awareness. 

There is a chance you could end up generating a lot of ‘false fans’ or compers. Our pro-tip is to ensure that your competition is tailored to suit your audience only. This will help sift through some of the more spam based entries.


Lights, camera, action!

Video content is booming. Most platforms prefer video content and love it. With platforms like Tiktok and Instagram reels just thriving, we’ve seen brands turn their hand at trying to create short-form video content. Someone who has been really successful with this has been Little Moons. Little Moons is a mochi based ice cream brand that has KILLED IT on TikTok. The trend was so popular that supermarkets were running dry and public demand was booming.


We are working hard to restock all of our stores. Thank you for bearing with us 💕 #LittleMoons #tesco #littlemoonsmochi #fyp #viral #mochi

♬ original sound - Amber 🌩

Again for a lot of users this content needs to feel organic and natural, there’s something off about companies trying to hard sell on TikTok. So people tend to use it to have a little fun, maybe educate, share recipes using their products rather than hard pushing sales. It’s a slow burn but it can definitely pay off.


Your biggest fan

Social media allows for your audience to interact with you and it’s fantastic! Word of mouth is the most effective way to market your products. So, from time to time you will get people to shout out about your brand. This content can be shared on your platforms as part of your customer advocacy. There are ways to help your audience engage more with you and your content. You can offer them discounts or giveaways to encourage them to share a photo with you or a review, which in turn you can share online. But sometimes just getting a shout out is enough.

Apple does this fantastically with their #shotoniphone series which gives everyday folks the chance to feel like a professional photographer. 

Are you talking to me?

Interaction is the cornerstone of social media. If you’re not engaging with your audience, you’re just screaming into the void. Most of the time people will comment and engage with your content, are you engaging back or just reading? Build that rapport with people who want to engage with you. Not only is it great for your brand but the algorithm loves to see it. The more people engage with your posts and content, the more likely it is to be picked up and shown to more people as a popular piece of content. 

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