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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Social Media Strategy

The year is around half-way through, and it’s time to review your social media marketing strategy. Reviewing and keeping on top of your marketing and social media marketing strategies is important in staying ahead of your competitors, ensuring growth of followers and expansion of brand awareness. With that in mind, we’ve rounded-up five questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re social media strategy is still working for you.


  1. Are you hitting your targets?

Whatever your goals are for using social media – driving website traffic, creating more brand awareness or engaging with your target audience – are you reaching these goals? An example of how to measure the success of your social media marketing would be to use your social media and website analytics to find out what kind of posts receive the most attention and link clicks. If a link to a certain page is receiving a lot of clicks, but your bounce rate for that page is high, then you know it’s your website that’s behind you not achieving your goals, and you don’t need to modify your social media marketing.


  1. Is your follower count growing?

While follower count is not the be-all and end-all of social media, it is a good indicator of interest in what you’re posting. Are your followers increasing – and are they genuine accounts, rather than bots? If your follower count is static (or worse, falling) then review your accounts and see what about your posting may be causing this – are your posts boring? Are you including calls to action? What’s the ratio of impressions to engagements and actions?

  1. Are you keeping your content fresh?

Everyone likes content, but its a universal truth that everyone loves fresh content. Make sure you’re creating new content on a regular schedule, be it weekly or monthly – and make sure its good quality content, too.


  1. Are your followers engaged?

Do your followers share your posts? Do they comment? Is their engagement consistent or does it occur only at certain times of the day an only on certain posts? Follower engagement is crucially important when it comes to your business’ social media presence and it can help determine what direction you need to steer your online efforts in next. Utilise what your followers are telling you through their engagement patterns.


  1. Are you engaged?

Why you look through your own social media accounts, are you interested, or bored? If you aren’t engaged by your online presence, you can’t realistically expect others to be. Put yourself in the mindset of someone who has found your social media accounts for the first time, and ask yourself if you’d happily hit the follow button.


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