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5 things you should never ask a developer

We love our team of developers, the unsung heroes of the business. They are always figuring out new and exciting things to make us look good (thanks guys)! 

Here at +24 we have one of the best development teams around. Our last blog, discussing what you should never ask a graphic designer went down a storm with our readers. So we spoke to some of our developers to carry on the theme and discuss some of the things you should never ask your developers.


Can you fix my computer? 

Why isn’t the internet working? 

What does this error code mean? 

Why isn’t the printer working?… Ect.

We have a tendency to assume that just because someone can create complex software or beautiful and responsive websites, they’re our go-to IT repair guys. While most developers will have a lot of experience and probably can help you fix all your problems, they do also have a job to do. The occasional tech-based question probably won’t agitate them too much, but becoming the office repair technician isn’t usually in their job description. 


Can you make sure my content is fully optimised for Google?

When you’re sending content for your new website or project it’s on you to ensure that content is fully optimised, properly spell checked and ready for action. Your developer might be really kind and fix a few formatting issues or correct a few odd tweaks, but that responsibility doesn’t fall on their shoulders. If you need your content to be optimised for SEO purposes then you need an SEO specialist


Can you just fix this issue real quick?

Most of the time when it comes to development work it’s not a simple quick fix. 

Due to the lines and lines of code, it can be some effort to begin crawling through it all. Not to mention most developers work on one project at once, so pulling them in and out of projects to do quick fixes can be tricky. 

Usually, they will wait until there are a few changes and tweaks that need doing and log in to do them all at once. Unless it’s a code red emergency of course. 


I have this idea for an App/Website/Software, can you build it?

Everyone today has an idea for an app and unfortunately, developers are the ones with the know-how to get it off the ground. Don’t get me wrong, we are sure some developers love hearing about your ideas and projects – we can probably confidently guess that for every 100 apps pitched, there are a few nuggets of gold in there. 

If you seriously think your project has potential and there is a market for it, then flesh it out more. Put together a complete pitch and proposal before getting your developer involved. They’re much more likely to want to be involved in something that feels real and achievable.


Can you run me through your code?

For coders, their code is their space. It’s their world to craft and design and it is not always straightforward for them to explain it if you are not a developer. Also, all coders have their preferred method of working (Tabs vs Spaces is a hot button issue). Not to mention how lost you’d be looking at it all and needing it all explaining. 

Coding is a foreign language and sometimes it’s better to not peek behind the curtain. 

Trust in your developer, they know what they’re doing (most of the time). 


We are fortunate to have some of the best developers around on our team. From creating bespoke software and CRM systems, to beautiful and innovative websites

If you require any assistance with your project, big or small, our team is standing by to make your development process a dream! 

Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or give us a call 01282 792568. 

See you soon!