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3 Ways to Engage Millennials With Your Marketing

A conversation we recently had in the office sparked the idea for this blog. We were discussing how some organisations are stuck in the past and are failing to recognise how marketing is changing. Millennials, or anyone under 30 years old, are an influential audience and the way they want to engage with businesses is different. Here are some of the main things businesses need to consider when they’re planning their marketing activities if they want to engage with the younger generations.

Where is the attention?

Social media clearly presents a huge opportunity but there are lots of platforms to choose from. One of the most popular platforms for millennials is Snapchat, which has overtaken Twitter in terms of daily active users. There are many ways you can use Snapchat to build relationships with your target audience. If you have a physical location such as a shop or restaurant, one idea might be to display your snapcode (a unique code that users can scan to find your profile) around your premises, offering a discount or special offer for anyone that adds you on Snapchat that day. This could result in a significant increase in engagement, as well as growing your audience so that the next time you are hosting an event or running a special offer, you can quickly and easily promote it to your Snapchat audience.

What are they interested in?

Where we spend our time varies a lot but generally, it’s on our phones. Right now, most people are playing Pokemon Go. You’d be surprised how many people would interact with a business if it was to become a Gym, Pokestop or if there was a lure near your location. If you’re not sure what I just said, check out our blog post all about Pokemon Go. You can also use the app to offer deals to your potential customers. If you’re targeting millennials, you can guarantee that a high proportion of them are currently playing the game so you could promote special offers for people with a certain Pokemon or use lures to attract players to your business location.

How do they want to communicate?

These days we don’t bother checking emails, reading posters, or picking up leaflets. The majority of us just want to receive information on our phones so the smart way to communicate with us would be to message us, whether that’s on Facebook, Snapchat, or WhatsApp. With Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, there are codes you can scan with the camera in the app. When the code is scanned, you will automatically send the other person a friend request or open a message box which makes it easier to interact and message one another.

Millennials are your future (and probably current), customers and employees. It’s important that you start to consider how marketing is shifting to make sure that you don’t get left behind. Hopefully, this blog post has got you thinking and if you have any more questions, feel free to email me at