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3 Marketing Trends To Plan For In 2018

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that you absolutely need to implement in 2018. When most people think of ‘content marketing’, they likely envision blogs and think of newsletters left unread in inboxes. Content marketing is much, much more than that.

Content marketing is about creating content that is valuable to your audience, and can be accessed by anyone researching around the topic, without directly trying to sell your product or service. Content marketing can also take the form of creating content that doesn’t even have anything to do directly with what you have to offer as a business, but is just entertainment. For example, our weekly web show, The Friday Fizz, does often feature conversation around things that have trended on social media, however, we rarely talk about software or the marketing services we provide.

Content marketing can take the form of:

  • Blogs
  • Graphics
  • Podcasts
  • Gifs
  • Videos
  • Radio shows

The rules of content marketing:

  • Must be valuable to the audience
  • Must be consistent
  • Must be relevant to your field, even if not directly addressing what products or services you offer

2. Real-Time, Multi-Platform Marketing

The popularity of livestreaming has only increased over 2017, and is set to expand even more in the coming year – the same can be said for stories on Instagram and Snapchat (and maybe even Facebook too). Interaction and updating your audience in real time, across multiple platforms, could not be more important in 2018. Capitalising on the increasing popularity of stories and livestreaming will be the key to growing your audience and keeping them engaged and interested.

Using stories, some tips:

  • Use stories creatively, for reference, see our blog about Instagram stories
  • Be consistent: stories only last for 24 hours on all platforms, and that means that multiple new updates a day are needed to maintain a presence – consistency is key
  • Be interactive when using stories, use call to actions, ask for feedback and use them to promote your other content and try to spark a conversation in the posts’ comments

Going live, some tips:

  • To plan, or not to plan? When at a live event, livestreaming as it happens, whether you planned on doing so or do so as a spur of the moment thing, is expected to be clumsy and not polished – in fact, that can often be part of the charm of it. But, when going live to answer questions in a live Q and A, to talk to or update your audience, to interact with them in a controlled environment, strongly consider using a backdrop, lighting and – if possible – a professional camera and microphone
  • Add to the comments section as you go live and interact with your viewers

3. Interactive Visual Content

Augmented reality is here to stay, and its applications in marketing are endless. Virtual reality showrooms, trying on clothes in augmented reality and using AR to show how furniture would look in your home – these are a handful of current ways companies are using interactive visual content. On a smaller scale, but still impressive, is live photos. Live photos have an endless potential in marketing. The best way to make live photos is by using the app intoLive – you can get this app for free, or purchase the ‘Pro’ version for £2.99. There are drawbacks to live photos, including the fact that they (currently) only work on Facebook, and can only be made using iOS 9.0 + devices. In the app, you can choose to turn a video, photo burst, gif or selection of photos into a live video or live video slideshow. When the pictures are held down on in Facebook, they go from being still to becoming a moving video or slideshow. From a marketing perspective, these can be used to advertise products or pieces of content in your content marketing strategy, but the only limitation to live photos are your imagination (and the fact they need to be made on an Apple device).

For more information concerning content marketing, marketing, social media training or support, please get in touch with +24 Marketing to see how we can help you.