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+24 relocating to new premises in Blackburn

Over the past year, +24 Marketing have experienced enormous growth with a number of significant clients wins. This, together with the launch of the +24 Academy, has pushed the team to scout for new premises that not only can fulfil their space requirements, but also their growing reputation. 

After months of deliberation, the team has found a new place to call home. +24 Marketing are proud to be relocating to the Blackburn Rovers Business Centre in what we consider to be the true heart of Lancashire.

MD David Walker explains: “It’s been a big change for us as a company, but we have big hopes for the future of +24 and this feels like a great opportunity for us to develop and grow. Though I’ve always professed to be a Burnley lad publicly, I am thrilled to be taking a step up to a town with more status and history with this move.”

While +24 Marketing is looking forward to their future in the heart of Blackburn, the move hasn’t come without some controversy. +24 has spent a lot of time building connections, supporting local businesses and organising various charity events in Burnley, leaving some feeling a little sore. 

David continues: “We understand moving from Burnley to Blackburn is somewhat controversial. But after visiting the area, it really felt like home. It had a warm sense of family about it.”

“Relocating to the Blackburn Rovers Business Centre will allow us to embrace our true values. Even the club’s motto ‘Arte et Labore’, which means ‘By Skill and Hard Work’, perfectly encapsulates everything +24 Marketing is all about. We are sure this is going to be a great fit for everyone.”

David went on to highlight the fact the +24 brand perfectly matches the club’s colours, saying they will be ‘twinning with their new home.’

We have already begun to embrace our new life in Blackburn working within the stadium and supporting our new team. While we close our chapter working in Burnley, we are very excited to see what the team can do in our new home. Come on Rovers!