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+24 Paints The Town Blue | Burnley Colour Dash 2018

The +24 team were ecstatic to attend the second annual Burnley Colour Dash, in aid of Pendleside Hospice, on Sunday the 2nd of September. After helping market both the 2017 and 2018 Dash events and seeing the success of the first Colour Dash, we were excited to see the local community come together again for a brilliant day to support a charity close to the hearts of many in and around Burnley.

Elly, Luckie, Sam and Ellie all wearing blue polo shirts throwing blue powder paint into the sky.
Elly, Luckie, Sam and Ellie at Burnley Colour Dash 2018.
Elly, Luckie, Sam and Ellie all wearing blue polo shirts throwing blue powder paint into the sky.
Elly throwing paint into Luckie’s face with Sam and Ellie at Burnley Colour Dash 2018.

The Colour Dash, which was sponsored by Adult Learning at Burnley College, began with a warm-up led by Fitness Evolution, before the claxon sounded and the Dash began. Dotted around the 5K route were 4 paint stations, sponsored by local businesses, including ourselves at +24 Marketing and others such as Askews, who also sponsored a paint station the year prior. To keep dashers and volunteers entertained, local musical acts took to the stage performing their sets.

Hundreds of people took part in Burnley Colour Dash, running, jogging, walking, dancing or making their way around the route. The event was open to all ages and abilities, and familiar faces could be spotted throughout, from a group of 3 Burnley Bus Company drivers, Burney Colour Dash competition winners, local businesses, the loved ones of those supported by the Hospice and even some famous faces. Burnley-born professional footballer Jay Rodriguez took part in the Dash, showing his support for Pendleside and also Jet Set Angels. As the Dash required participants to do two laps of the route, +24 were able to cover Rodriguez almost completely in blue paint by the end of the event.

Elly, Evan and ‘Notorious’ Neil after Colour Dash.

Everyone in the +24 who were able to make the event had an amazing time and were proud to see so many people turning up to support Pendleside for the second year in a row. Helping +24 throw paint and set up were former guest-star of Friday Fizz, Neil Welsh of PM+M and his son, Evan and Raynor Pepper of the Burnley Mechanics Theatre, who features weekly in the Mechanics’ web show ‘Curtain Call’.

+24 would like to especially thank Opus Pro Audio of Burnley for providing us with a portable PA system, which allowed us to keep the dashers motivated with our music. You can find out more about Opus on their website and both their education-focused business page and their Pro Audio Facebook page