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+24 Christmas Party 2018

After working insanely hard throughout 2018, it was time for the +24 team to enjoy their well-deserved Christmas party!

Kicking off the celebrations in style our ‘Boogie Bus’, lined with colour-changing lights, the Best Hits of 2018 album playing on repeat and a free bottle of bubbly, took us into the big city.

Once we arrived in Manchester, we visited the German Christmas Markets and were quick to try the different beverages on offer. As the temperature had dramatically dropped, some of the team took advantage of trying the different mulled wines and rums (would definitely recommend Orange Rum Punch), where others took to traditional German Beer.

After our drinks, we wandered through a variety of stalls selling a range of items from home furnishings to German burgers and festive treats. It was then time for our booking at Croma for our Christmas meal!

The Pizzeria was full of Christmas decorations, with friends and families enjoying the festive season over a pizza or two. The +24 team soon joined them, feasting over a variety of pizzas and pasta with multiple gins and cocktails in the mix.

To round the evening off, the team then ventured to bars around Manchester including Jamie’s Italian and Hard Rock Cafe. After plenty of drinks and laughs, we left the train station to make it in time for the last train home. 


Everyone at +24 Marketing hopes you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!