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2019 Is All About Social Media Personalisation

Personalisation is set to be a key trend for social media marketing over the course of the coming year. The predicted popularity of personalisation comes from how well-received by consumers personalisation is, which is shown by the results of research carried out by Elipson that shows 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service with a business that takes a personalised digital marketing approach.

What is Personalisation?

Personalisation on social media is the act of communicating with customers on a human level and interacting with customers through the adoption of a personable and less formal tone and perspective. Personalisation builds trust between brands and consumers and creates a positive reputation for the company. Personalisation can be done manually or through the use of AI and bots.

Ways to Personalise

Personalisation can be done in a host of different ways, the only limits being budget and imagination.

Personal address

Addressing consumers by their name and assuming a conversational tone and friendly, helpful attitude is the easiest way that brands can work personalisation into their social media strategy.

Twitter messages reading as follows, Project Digital: Thanks for following us, Alexis! How are you? Alexis: I'm great thanks ... busy, busy, busy... how are you doing? Project Digital: Glad to hear that - we're great too, thanks! Have a good weekend.

Consumer Content

Content generated by users and customers themselves present an amazing opportunity for personalisation. Re-sharing images, videos or reviews created by users of your service or customers of your product(s) both makes the content creator feel acknowledged and appreciated, but also shows potential customers that other customers are using and enjoying what you have to offer. Consumer content is utilised frequently by clothing and makeup brands on Instagram, as that platform has a younger user-base that these brands specifically want to target and engage with.

Visual Content

Personalised visual content, such as images and video, are an excellent way to make consumers feel recognised. Brands such as Coca-Cola and the National Lottery are some of the companies to make use of personalised visual content as part of their marketing campaigns. The latter of quick was famously targeted by ‘trolls’ online through the duration of their campaign.

Olympic athelet holding up sign with auto-generated message reading, "Yer da sells Avon." on the front.

A.I Personalisation

Utilising artificial intelligence and bots is a viable option for incorporating personalisation into a brand’s social media strategy, but for less time-consuming forms of personalisation, such as personal address, tone of voice shift and consumer content, A.I isn’t necessary.


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